Local Conservatives Welcome Parking Victory for Prestwick

A four year campaign to ease parking problems for Prestwick residents has paid off; with a new permit scheme being approved by South Ayrshire Council following a campaign led by local Conservative councillors Hugh Hunter and Margaret Toner.

Lee Lyons Supports Local Campaign to Save Historic Dallings Shop Window

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Lee Lyons was out collecting signatures for a petition to save the display window of Ayr's historic tobacconist store T. H. Dalling. The display window is under impending threat from legislation passed by the Scottish Government in 2010 which will prohibit displays of tobacco based products and accessories from public view.

Lee Lyons Backs Friends of the Earth Schools Initiative

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Lee Lyons has backed a Friends of the Earth campaign to help schools to save thousands of pounds by installing solar power. Lee met with representatives from the Friends of the Earth campaign at last weeks Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham and discussed a range of energy issues.

Prime Minister Pledges Further Devolution and Major Tax Cuts in Conference Message

Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed his commitment to further devolution for Scotland in his keynote address to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham yesterday.He stated early on in his address that "During that referendum campaign we made a vow to the Scottish people that they will get more powers - and we will keep that vow". 

South Ayrshire Conservatives Report Membership Boost Since Referendum

Membership of the South Ayrshire Conservatives has increased by 10% since the result of the referendum, it has been announced. Following on from the strong result which saw over 2 million Scots reject independence in favour of the Union, several people have put their colours to the mast and have decided to join our growing organisation.

We’re ending low pay in work

We will end low pay by setting a new target for the National Living Wage, applying to everyone over the age of 21.