Congratulations to Douglas Ross MP

We would like to express our warm congratulations to Douglas Ross MP in becoming the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Douglas received the unanimous backing of our local council team and from our activists. 

Support Our High Streets Campaign

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions in mid-June, our local councillors, MSP, activists and community members have taken to the High Streets of South Ayrshire in order to help encourage people to support local businesses. 

Our 3 point plan to kickstart business in South Ayrshire

The Conservative group is calling on the Administration to support our 3 point plan to Kick-start our retail and hospitality sector as we begin to emerge from this Pandemic.

We are calling for 3hrs free parking in all Council managed areas.

South Ayrshire has significantly benefited from UK grant funding

In South Ayrshire (as of 9 June):

2,000 businesses have been supported through UK Business Grant funding.
12,000 jobs have been protected through the furlough scheme.
2,900 self-employed people have been supported through the UK's Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

75th anniversary of VE-Day

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, in which Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced an end to the Second World War after the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.