Lyons Welcomes "Heathly High Street" Findings

Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Conservative candidate Lee Lyons welcomed the recent report released by the Royal Society for Public Health which noted that Ayr High Street is the “second healthiest high street” in the UK. 


The study focused on 70 towns and cities across Britain, measuring the how healthy or unhealthy businesses are in their main shopping districts. The report aims to highlight high streets that “provide the public with healthy choices, support community cohesion and social interaction, promote access to health services and do much to support the individual wellbeing”. It also names and shames high streets that are “home to business activities which can have a detrimental effect on our health”.

Lee Lyons welcomed the findings and said: “I am delighted that Ayr High Street has been recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health as providing the second highest standard of health and wellbeing in the United Kingdom. My Conservative colleagues on South Ayrshire Council have worked tirelessly to promote the high street and make it a safe, easily accessible and welcoming destination and that work continues. If I am elected as the new MP for the area, I will join with my colleagues on the council to promote the high street and aim for to be the most healthy high street in Britain”.

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