Westminster News

Theresa May to Become New Prime Minister and Leader

Home Secretary Theresa May is set to become the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party following the Conservative Party leadership contest. Having received the backing of over half the parliamentary party along with thousands of members and supporters across the country, she will become the second female Prime Minister in our country's history. Following her election, Theresa May stated: "I am honoured and humbled to have been chosen by the Conservative Party to become its leader. I would like to pay tribute to the other candidates during the election campaign, and I would like to pay tribute to Andrea Leadsom for the dignity that she has shown today. During this campaign, my case has been based on three things. First, the need for strong, proven leadership to steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain economic and political times. The need of course to negotiate the best deal for Britain in leaving the EU and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world. Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it. Second, we need to unite our country. And third, we need a strong, new, and positive vision for the future of our country. A vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but works for every one of us. Because we’re going to give people more control over their lives. That’s how together we will build a better Britain". 

Mundell Visit to Ayrshire to Thank Volunteers

The new Secretary of State for Scotland, The Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP, accompanied members of the South Ayrshire phonebank team for a thank you gathering at Turnberry on Sunday 24th May. David came up from his Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale constituency to thank our volunteers for helping him to a third consecutive victory.Despite campaigning for our own candidates; Lee Lyons and Marc Hope in Ayrshire, our volunteers found the time to help our David in his re-election bid, phoning thousands of voters across the area and over 2500 voters on polling day helping David secure a win against the national trend.

Cameron Launches UK Manifesto

The Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Conservative UK General Election manifesto at an event in Swindon. The document contained policies for working and aspirational people with measures to provide assitance to people throughout their lives. Some of the key measures noted include increasing the personal allowance again to take people on National Minimum Wage out of tax altogether, a plan to invest an additional £8bn into the NHS and a commitment to building 200,000 smart homes across the country. Many of the measures will only affect England because of devolution but pledges to increase spending in the NHS and on housing will have a positive knock on effect with additional funds being passed onto Holyrood via Barnett Consequentials.

Conservatives Record Largest Poll Lead Following ITV Debate

Conservatives topped a YouGov poll last night following the firs big debate on ITV which involved all of Britains main parties and some of the regional outfits. The poll placed the Conservatives on 37% - our highest poll rating since October 2013 - with Labour on 35% and the others trailing behind. The debate saw the Prime Minister speak about our clear plan to secure a better future for Britain which included creating another 2 million new and secure jobs, to yet again increase the personal allowance in the next Parliament and to yet again commit to our NHS. Our opponents on the other hand squabbled and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon committed to "keeping Ed Miliband honest" by propping up his party at Westminster.

A Budget For Scotland - Chancellor Presents Spring Budget To Parliament

The Chancellor George Osborne presented his 2015 Spring Budget to the House of Commons today in what has been lauded a "budget for Scotland". The budget contained a variety of major announcments designed to help continue Britains rapid economic growth and also to reward hardworking people across the country. Among those key announcements was the pledge to further increase the tax-free personal allowance to £11,000 by 2017/18. This will be an extra £4525 per annum made tax-free since the Conservatives took over in 2010. The Chancellor also pledged the third cut in a row to beer duty by 1% and also cider duty will be cut by 1% too which will be a very welcome boost to the industry. However the Chancellor also cut whisky duty by 2% which will be a major boost to the industry in Scotland which only recently reported a loss in annual net sales. The Chancellor froze fuel duty again, helping Britains motorists and has also pledged to tax diverted profits, tackling the scourge of major firms attempting to artificially move profits offshore.

Prime Minister Pledges Further Devolution and Major Tax Cuts in Conference Message

Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed his commitment to further devolution for Scotland in his keynote address to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham yesterday.He stated early on in his address that "During that referendum campaign we made a vow to the Scottish people that they will get more powers - and we will keep that vow". 

BREAKING: 2015 General Election Candidates Selected for Ayrshire Seats

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates were last night selected by members of the party to contest the Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock and Central Ayrshire constituencies at the 2015 U.K. General Election at meetings held in Ayr and Troon.Lee Lyons (pictured right) and Marc Hope (pictured left) will contest the seats and hope to topple the long standing Labour MP's in each area.