Mundell Visit to South Ayrshire to Thank Volunteers

e for Scotland, The Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP attended a recent party held by South Ayrshire Conservatives to thank volunteers for their efforts over the last 12 months. The party was held following the General Election campaign and the recent Ayr East by-election and some 40 guests attended the event.

David Mundell was in Ayr visiting local businesses and meeting with South Ayrshire Council to discuss projects and plans to improve the area and make South Ayrshire better for local residents. 

The Secretary of State spoke to local party activists about the recent set of elections and also about the constitutional situation, specifically about the progress being made with the new Scotland Bill following the recommendations set out in the Smith Commission as part of our commitment to delivering "the Vow".

Association Chairman Gavin Scott thanked David Mundell for attending the event and gave members a resume of the last year, including our great campaigning progress and also the fact that we held 12 fundraising events in the last 12 months and raised the largest sum of money in years to help with future election efforts.