Holyrood News

FMQs - 10th October 2019

Local MSP Brian Whittle raised concerns about the shortfall in staff for Psychiatric services in Scotland at First Minister's Questions. He highlighted correspondance on the number of vacant posts, and a report on the number of psychiatrists in children and adolescent support expected to retire.

Ruth Davidson Launches Scottish Conservative Manifesto

Scottish Conservative and Unionist leader Ruth Davidson today launched the party's manifesto for the Scottish Elections being held on May 5th. As Ruth noted at the meeting held in Glasgow this morning, the manifesto was a radical shift from past manifestos. As opposed to setting out a set of measures with the assumption that the party will enter Government, Ruth Davidson announced that in the short term, it was important that the party aim to become Scotland's official opposition. Alongside consistent campaign messages that the party will always back our United Kingdom, will oppose tax rises and also hold the SNP firmly to account, Ruth Davidson also announced a raft of policy messures that new Scottish Conservative MSP's will champion if elected.