Lee Lyons Raises a Sack Full of Toys for Kids at Christmas

Local Conservative General Election candidate for the Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock seat Lee Lyons said cheers to all the of his fellow foster carers who recently pulled together to raise hundreds of toys for underprivileged kids ahead of Christmas. After visiting the local Salvation Army Food Bank in Ayr, staff explained to Lee that they provide various different services to those most in need and also provide a variety of items for people - not just food.

Lee then decided to get in touch with the organisation Fosterplus - a group that he and his partner Linda are foster carers with - and asked them to contact as many other local foster carers as possible to ask them to donate a toy for a child at Christmas. The response was overwhelming. The group raised hundreds of toys which Lee delivered to the local Salvation Army base in Ayr's Wallacetoun area.

Lee said: "I'm overwhelmed by how supportive and responsive my fellow foster carers have been and want to thank them for their support".

Fosterplus confirmed after the successful drive that they would seek to run this scheme annually.