Councillor Bob Pollock

Bob Pollock was first elected to serve Troon in the 2017 South Ayrshire Council Elections. He has been a Troon resident for over 35 years, and before joining the council, Bob was a senior police officer for 30 years, 5 of them as the local inspector.

Councillor Arthur Spurling

Arthur Spurling was elected to serve the Kyle ward in the 2017 South Ayrshire Council Elections. He has been Chair of Dundonald Community Council between 1998-2017, with a three year break when he was elected as councillor for Dundonald, Loans and Southwood.

Councillor Margaret Toner

Councillor Margaret Toner was first elected onto South Ayrshire Council at the 1999 local elections representing Prestwick St Ninians (1999-2007). and currently represents the Prestwick ward (2007-present). In the council, Margaret has worked hard in areas relating to schools and education especially whilst in administration. When Margaret has spare time from her duties on the council he enjoys listening to music, specifically orchestral music, her local choir and also spending time with her grandchildren.