Local Candidates Announced for Scottish Elections

Candidates standing in next year's Scottish Elections in the South Ayrshire area have been announced with sitting MSP John Scott to stand again in Ayr Constituency. John, who was famously elected in the 2000 Ayr by-election and subsequently in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Elections, will contest the seat alongside Lee Lyons who was selected by members to stand in the Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley ward. Both candidates have already began campaigning and speaking to local people ahead of the ballot next May and will fight for every vote.

Mundell Visit to South Ayrshire to Thank Volunteers

The Secretary of State for Scotland, The Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP attended a recent party held by South Ayrshire Conservatives to thank volunteers for their efforts over the last 12 months. The party was held following the General Election campaign and the recent Ayr East by-election and some 40 guests attended the event.David Mundell was in Ayr visiting local businesses and meeting with South Ayrshire Council to discuss projects and plans to improve the area and make South Ayrshire better for local residents. The Secretary of State spoke to local party activists about the recent set of elections and also about the constitutional situation, specifically about the progress being made with the new Scotland Bill following the recommendations set out in the Smith Commission as part of our commitment to delivering "the Vow".

Cameron Pledges to "Finish the Fight for Real Equality" in Manchester Conference Speech

The Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to tackle inequality as part of his hour long speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Wednesday 7th October.David Cameron used his address to make a passionate call to end any inequalities that society presents to people based on their gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, faith or disability. He said that "we can talk all we want about opportunity, but it's meaningless unless people are really judged equally". Other major topics included pledges to tackle extremism, a commiment on furthering home ownership and a rallying call in favour of the Union.

Conservatives Take By Election Down to the Wire!

Last nights by-election went down to the wire as Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate Dan McCroskrie narrowly lost out to the SNP by 35 votes after the 4 stage of counting. Dan McCroskrie beat the SNP by 20 votes on 1st preferences, however it wasn't enough to ensure election at the first stage. Prefences from the Greens, Labour and the Independent candidate Andy Bryden allowed John Wallace (SNP) to become the new councillor for the ward. Despite this, the Conservatives took comfort in the fact that we topped the poll on 1st preferences and we increased our share of the vote by 5.5% in comparison to the last local council election in 2012.


On Thursday 17th September, polling stations across the Ayr East ward will be opening at 7am for the local council by-election to take place. Local Conservative candidate Dan McCroskrie and his team have knocked on every door in the ward at least once over the last two months. We have spoken to thousands of voters over the phone or on the doorstep and have delivered over 20,000 leaflets to homes. There is a straight choice. A local Conservative candidate who cares passionately about Ayr or the SNP who are fixated on delivering independence whilst ignoring the issues that people actually care about.

Conservatives Out in Force Across Ayr East

Activists were out in full force on Saturday 22nd August to help our local candidate Dan McCroskrie out with his campaign to succeed Corri Wilson as Councillor for Ayr East.Dan was joined by MSP's John Scott and Conservative Deputy Leader Jackson Carlaw and also local councillors Peter Convery, Mary Kilpatrick and Bill Grant. Over 20 activists helped out on the day.Following on from the campaign day, Dan said: "I was delighted at the turnout of hardworking Conservative activists to help me with my campaign. Unlike the other parties, Conservatives value each and every vote and take nothing for granted. I want to speak to as many local residents as possible, hear their concerns and try to offer solutions. That is the kind of councillor I will be if I am successful on the 17th September."

Continue Our Great Record in South Ayrshire Council

On Thursday 17th September there will be a by-election to select a new councillor for the Ayr East ward to replace Corri Wilson following her election to Westminster in May.The SNP are attempting to use this by-election to attack our record running South Ayrshire Council. We are proud of our record over the last 8 years but we know that there is still more to do.Since we took office in 2007, we have produced a balanced budget every single year and built up our reserves so that we can be more secure in difficult times. We are a living wage employer and we have embarked on the construction of new social housing in some of our most deprived areas. 

Conservatives Announce Ayr East Candidate

South Ayrshire Conservative and Unionist Association have selected local activist Dan McCroskrie to contest the upcoming Ayr East by-election, due to be held on Thursday 17th September 2015. The by-election comes as a result of the resignation of Cllr. Corri Wilson who was elected as to sit in Westminster at the UK General Election in May. Born, brought up and educated in Ayr, Dan is passionate about his local community and holds particular interest in town centre regeneration, fixing the roads and investing in housing. Following his selection, Dan said: "It is an honour to be able to stand in this election. I want to do it because I fundamentally believe in helping people with their day-to-day issues and finding solutions to problems. If I am elected to serve the people of Ayr East I promise to be an accessible councillor and help every individual in the community".Ayr East includes Forehill, Holmston, Castlehill, Masonhill, Kincaidston, Old Belmont and Belmont.  

John Scott MSP Calls on Roundabout Review

Conservative MSP for Ayr, John Scott has called on the Scottish Government to review the unsafe Whitletts Roundabout, following reports that there have been 41 major accidents on the roundabout in the last decade making it one of the least safe roundabouts in Scotland.Speaking to the Ayrshire Post, John said:"There is now a clear case for an investigation by the Scottish Government. I have contacted the Scottish Transport Minister to outline my concerns and to urge him to instruct an investigation to establish what action can be taken.It may be that improved road markings or signage is part of the solution, or that other more extensive steps are needed. We were told when the last improvement was made we would not be getting an over or underpass due to the level of traffic. But with these accidents and more housing it needs looked at again. In any event, these casualty figures cannot be ignored and I am looking for an assurance that an assessment will be made and an action plan drawn up and implemented.” *

Mundell Visit to Ayrshire to Thank Volunteers

The new Secretary of State for Scotland, The Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP, accompanied members of the South Ayrshire phonebank team for a thank you gathering at Turnberry on Sunday 24th May. David came up from his Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale constituency to thank our volunteers for helping him to a third consecutive victory.Despite campaigning for our own candidates; Lee Lyons and Marc Hope in Ayrshire, our volunteers found the time to help our David in his re-election bid, phoning thousands of voters across the area and over 2500 voters on polling day helping David secure a win against the national trend.