'Vow' Kept and New Powers Delivered for Scotland

Draft legislation which will see an unprecedented rise in the powers of the Scottish Parliament was published by the UK Government today.

A Command Paper including the 44 draft clauses sets out the new powers which will come to Holyrood following the historic all-party agreement reached by the Smith Commission last year.

It is the first time all of Scotland’s main political parties have agreed what the next chapter of devolution should look like.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

"In September the people of Scotland came out in record numbers to decide the future of the United Kingdom.

They voted clearly and decisively to keep our family of nations together. But a ‘no’ vote did not mean ‘no change’.

The leaders of the other main political parties and I promised extensive new powers for the Scottish Parliament – a vow – with a clear process and timetable. And now, here we have it: new powers for Scotland, built to last, securing our united future.

I pay tribute to the leadership of Robert Smith for this historic agreement and with all five of Scotland’s main political parties at the table, it was a devolution first."