An update from our councillors

Martin Dowey


As we start to slowly come out of lockdown, which we all are looking forward to, we must remember to stay alert, keep our social distancing and wash our hands regularly. The country will get through this crisis and the Government and Council will continue doing all they can to try and mitigate the worst of this Global Pandemic and to help with the inevitable economic shock. The UK Chancellor has made available unprecedented financial help to assist at this time. If you are struggling please go to the SAC website where all details of financial help are posted or please contact me and I will be only too happy to try and help in any way I can.

All Council services are still operating albeit in some cases in a reduced capacity. The road resurfacing program for this financial year has been passed and I'm pleased to say Greenfield Avenue has, after much lobbying by me and a number of residents, made it onto the programme. Laughlanglen Road has not however and I continue to press for its inclusion. Although there are less cars on the roads, speeding has however increased in much of our Ward and the Police continue to catch and charge offenders - so please don't speed. I have also had numerous complaints about Fireworks being set off during our celebration for the NHS. Please use Fireworks sparingly and show your appreciation in other ways such as clapping or using a pot and spoon, as some of my neighbours do.

Finally I would like to thank all our NHS staff, Carers, Emergency Services and all other Key workers who have continued to work through this terrible period to keep us all safe.

As always I can be contacted in the usual ways and if I can be of any help please don't hesitate to get in touch. Email: or Telephone: 07583 036724



Margaret Toner


The Government and the Council will continue to do all they can to assist through this pandemic. The UK Government has made unprecedented financial assistance available and details can be found on the South Ayrshire Council website for anyone requiring help. All Council services are still operating albeit in some cases in a reduced capacity.

I am delighted to see that local choirs, music groups, fitness and dance classes, families and other groups are keeping in touch virtually through social media during this time.



The roads improvement plan for this financial year has been approved and I am pleased to note that part of East Road and Kyle Street, Prestwick have been included.

Lockdown has meant less traffic on the roads but this has seen an increase in speeding, which the Police are continuing to monitor.


Frontline staff

I’d like to thank all our Key workers, NHS staff, Carers and Emergency Services who have worked throughout this pandemic and who continue to keep us all safe.

We are all looking forward to coming out of lockdown and getting some sort of normality back so please remember to stay alert, adhere to social distancing and regularly wash your hands.

As always I can be contacted by Telephone 01292 612637 or 01292 478245 or 07801 302 955 or e-mail

There will be no surgeries until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. 


Peter Convery

Hello from Lockdown!

I appreciate that in these stressful times with the threat of Coronavirus facing each of us, it is very difficult to think about anything else. And I would like to stress again that it is crucial that we follow all the health guidelines to insure that our elderly residents and any other vulnerable people are well looked after during this crisis and I would advise everyone to keep up to date with the announcements from both the UK & Scottish Governments and follow the advice given.

We may still have a time to go before we are back to anything like normality but hopefully we can get through this by looking out for each other.

As you can appreciate, the Council is functioning as best as it can within the lockdown, but our scope is quite limited. If you have any concerns that you wish raised please can you call me on 01292 315122 or email. Unfortunately, my mobile number is unavailable at present and I am unable to resolve this until I can get back into the office.

Keep safe and healthy



Coronavirus help centre: 

Please stay safe and save lives.