South Ayrshire Overwhelmingly Backs a No Vote in Scottish Referendum!

South Ayrshire has overwhelmingly backed a No vote in Thursday's referendum. The local result, which was declared at 5.30am on Friday 19th September by the local Returning Officer, showed that 58% of residents in South Ayrshire had voted to preserve the Union whilst 42% voted for separation. 

Sampling results taken from the election count showed that residents from various communities came out to vote No in massive numbers, dispelling the nationalist myth that only affluent parts of the county backed a "No" vote.

Local Association Manager Dan McCroskrie said: "This result is indicative of the fact that South Ayrshire is proud to hold links with the rest of the United Kingdom and values our relationship with our partners. However this result also shows that while people support the Union, people also want change and that is why the Conservatives are committed to delivering further devolution as pledged by the Prime Minister.

Local Conservatives want to thank everyone who helped out in the local campaign to deliver such a strong result.