PM Visits Ayr and announces new Ayrshire Growth Deal

Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May visited the workers of the Alex Begg textile factory in Ayr. This was part of a UK wide tour to mark one year until we leave the European Union. The PM used these visits to listen to the views and priorities of people and businesses, along with strengthening the bonds of the four nations of the UK as we leave the EU and beyond.

The PM's visit coincides with an announcement that the UK Goverment will begin talks for a new Ayrshire Growth Deal. A deal that is expected to boost Ayrshire's economy and to create jobs.

Prime Minister Theresa May said -

"It is my mission to deliver a Brexit deal that works for Scotland and the whole of the UK, and today I’ve been speaking to workers here in Ayr about what our departure from the EU means to them."

"I am determined that the Brexit we pursue is one that strengthens the bonds that unite us - because I believe ours is the world’s most successful union. Scotland - with its diverse sectors ranging from wool, salmon and whisky production, to world-leading universities, tech hubs and cultural institutions - is such a significant contributor to our United Kingdom. I want to see it prosper as we forge a new role for ourselves in the world."

"That’s why we’re continuing to back Scotland and I am pleased today to announce we are opening talks over a new Ayrshire Growth Deal that should significantly boost the local economy and opportunities for people here."

This news has been welcomed by local Conservative representatives such as; Brian Whittle MSP, Bill Grant MP and Cllr Martin Dowey.