Our 3 point plan to kickstart business in South Ayrshire

The Conservative group is calling on the Administration to support our 3 point plan to Kick-start our retail and hospitality sector as we begin to emerge from this Pandemic.

We are calling for 3hrs free parking in all Council managed areas.

To look favourably at Cafe's, Bar's and Restaurants, who wish to expand existing outside areas and allow them to utilise pavements and open spaces.

Finally allow Wellington Square and other areas identified in South Ayrshire to become a temporary hospitality centre for Cafe's, Bar's, Restaurants and shop's to operate pop up facilities till the end of September.

We as a council need to do all we can to help our business.


Please stay safe & shop local

Image of Ayr High Street copyright of Billy McCrocie, Creative Commons Licence 2.0. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/