Local Candidate Slams Scottish Government for Underspend Despite Cuts to Local Councils

Local Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Conservative candidate Lee Lyons has slammed the SNP-led Scottish Government for underspending on vital services to the tune of £444m despite massive cuts being forced upon South Ayrshire Council.

 Scottish Government annual accounts showed that the SNP under spent on their annual budget by £444m whilst the SNP simultaneously attack the UK Government for not giving Scotland enough money.

Local authorities are being forced to make major savings because of budget cuts by the SNP led Scottish Government. 

Lee said: “The SNP have spent nearly 8 years criticising the UK Government for not giving Scotland enough money to spend on vital services despite having the largest block grant ever. There are increasing financial pressures on local council budgets and important public services yet the SNP have decided to stockpile nearly half a billion pounds this year alone.  


I call on the Scottish Government to pass some of this money on to South Ayrshire Council to help alleviate some of the financial pressures which will help secure hundreds of local jobs and ensure taxpayers across Carrick get value for their money”.