Continue Our Great Record in South Ayrshire Council

On Thursday 17th September there will be a by-election to select a new councillor for the Ayr East ward to replace Corri Wilson following her election to Westminster in May.

The SNP are attempting to use this by-election to attack our record running South Ayrshire Council. We are proud of our record over the last 8 years but we know that there is still more to do.

Since we took office in 2007, we have produced a balanced budget every single year and built up our reserves so that we can be more secure in difficult times. We are a living wage employer and we have embarked on the construction of new social housing in some of our most deprived areas.

We invested in education through the development of new school buildings at Forehill and Belmont and our children continue to be among the highest performing pupils in Scotland.

We are beginning to see our town centre redevelopment take shape, with the regeneration of the "pink buildings" at the New Brig and we have created a grant system through the Ayr Renaissance project which has allowed various businesses in and around the New Brig maintain their external property.

We approved plans to redevelop the Kyle Centre into a cinema and eatery complex, we are investing in Belleisle Park and have acquired various dilapidated properties at the bottom of Ayr Town Centre for redevelopment.

We are investing more in our roads to eliminate the scourge of potholes. In 2015/16 we are investing £1.5m in roads which will do up to £2m in 2016/17 and £2.5m in 2017/18. In Ayr East; Longbank Drive, Roman Road and Crofthead Road have all been selected for resurfacing. 

While we are proud of our record, we know there is still plenty to do in Ayr East and across South Ayrshire. Conservatives don't just talk about doing things; we get them done. If you live in the Ayr East ward, please vote for our candidate Dan McCroskrie by giving him your 1st preference so we can add another passionate person to our team of councillors here in South Ayrshire.