Conservative Councillors Oppose Musical Tuition Fees

In last month's budget, the SNP/Labour/Independent administration agreed to introduce charges for children and young people who receive musical instrument tuition in South Ayrshire. This is despite all the benefits to children that musical tuition has been shown to have, such as improved educational attainment and greater confidence.

Due to these charges, parents across South Ayrshire are currently having to make tough decisions about whether their child can start or continue with their musical education.

Conservative group leader, Cllr Martin Dowey says - “The very fact the SNP / Labour administration have imposed charges for musical instruments is a disgrace.

Children should be provided with all items free for their education. There would be an outcry if children had to pay for a book, or hire out a football or volleyball, but it seems to be ok if it’s a musical instrument. South Ayrshire has a U.K. wide reputation as a leader in music tuition and we risk throwing it all away. Already instruments are being returned as families can’t afford the cost.

We have asked, and will continue to ask, the Administration for these charges to be reversed."