Local News

John Scott MSP Launches Charity Referendum Ale!

Local Conservative MSP for Ayr John Scott was on hand to help launch a specially crafted ale to celebrate the referendum debate - but more importantly to raise money for charity.

Conservatives Lead Fight for the Union in South Ayrshire

Over 20 activists campaigned on Saturday (21st July 2014) at the Ayr Holy Fair to help secure a resounding "No" vote in the referendum on Scottish indepedence. Some campaigners were out speaking to voters in Ayr High Street and others were giving information to interested residents at the information stall at the Holy Fair.Whilst Better Together is made up of all party and non-party activists, Conservatives have led the campaign in South Ayrshire and many have dedicated days, weeks and months to ensuring that South Ayrshire votes "No" and Scotland votes "No".

Scottish Conservatives Announce Strathclyde Reforms

The Scottish Conservatives today launched our proposals for strengthening devolution after the referendum in September. If Scotland votes to remain in Britain, a raft of reforms have been proposed to further our devolved settlement in the document drafted by a team of economists, business leaders, academics and politicians; led by Lord Strathclyde. 

Polls Open! Vote Scottish Conservative!

Polls have opened today (Thursday 22nd May 2014) for the European Parliamentary Elections. Please cast your vote for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party to support our candidates; Dr. Ian Duncan, Belinda Don, Nosheena Mubarik, Jamie Gardner, Iain McGill and Stewart McIntyre! 

South Ayrshire Conservatives launch new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.