Cameron Pledges to "Finish the Fight for Real Equality" in Manchester Conference Speech

The Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to tackle inequality as part of his hour long speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Wednesday 7th October.

David Cameron used his address to make a passionate call to end any inequalities that society presents to people based on their gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, faith or disability. He said that "we can talk all we want about opportunity, but it's meaningless unless people are really judged equally".

He added that "as a father of two daughters - opportunity won't mean anything to them if they grow up in a country where they get paid less because of their gender rather than how good they are at their work".

Tackling extremism was a key theme in the Prime Ministers speech where he set out plans to tackle extremism at the heart of our communities to prevent further youth radicalisation and to promote social inclusion. He stated that "we need to stop it at the start - stop this seed of hatred even being planted in people's minds, let alone allowing it to grow". He announced proposals that meant that if a religious school, such as a Madrassa, was teaching children intensively, it would have to be inspected.

Reforms to create a £9 per hour National Living Wage along with reforms to prevent prisoner reoffending were also announced as part of a drive to hold an "all out assault on poverty".

The Prime Minister also announced to conference that since coming into Government, over 600,000 new homes have been built and 150 people per day have been helped by the Help to Buy scheme set up by the Conservatives. Tennants in housing association accommodation will now be included in Right to Buy thanks to a deal secured by Communities Secretary Greg Clark. David Cameron also announced that the Government will be change the rules on home building to ensure that permission to build affordable housing on land can be approved but only if developers ensure that they are available to buy and not just rent.

Defence and our national security became a key feature in David Camerons speech. The Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment to spend 2% of our annual GDP on defence and committed to spend money on a new fleet of Hunter Killer submarines, Joint Strike Fighter jets and improved Apache helicopters. He also announced to conference that the Government would invest in four new trident submarines - giving a vote of confidence to Faslane and Coulport.

The Prime Ministers speech was one of compassion for Britain, tackling equality and fighting to improve the lives of hard-working people. He reaffirmed his commitment to the United Kingdom and spoke passionately about the need for strong leadership to finish the job we - the Conservatives - started.